1. BigOkie

    Still a better Kim Kardashian than Kim Kardashian will ever be.

  2. Techman

    Klone Kardashian

  3. rantatonne

    Costume : Social commentary supposed to make you wonder if the whole Burqa thing in Islam is actually ok to enforce in some places.

  4. The world’s worst petting zoo…but the world’s best heavy petting zoo!

  5. dhadd

    “Bitch, ain’t nobody got time for that” – Little Girl in Pink Dress

  6. DeucePickle

    Last year Courtney Stodden was humping pumpkins, what is it about pumpkin patches that brings out the titties ?

  7. Vlad

    Nice pumpkins

  8. cc

    ‘Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch’ I guess that’s shorter than ‘Where Nobodies and Wannabes Go to Get Their Picture Taken at Hallowe’en Patch’

  9. I Googled her and I STILL don’t know who she is.

  10. Someone done carved them pumpkins up years ago.

  11. “Huh, never been to a petting zoo with a rotting tuna. You guys can smell it too, right?”

  12. A pumpkin patch in Beverly Hills? What did they do for room, burn down Beverly Hills High School?

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