1. TomFrank

    Overheard in the cockpit:

    “Should we give Engine #1 a short burst and blow Britney’s dress up?”
    “Only if you can turn the clock back to 2003 first. *sigh* “

  2. RHawk

    “Fuck Justin, I’m bringing crazy back.”

  3. Puss InToots

    She’s spending time with Matt Damon because she is intrigued about the tenure situation with public school teachers and their union situation.

  4. BenDoverman

    Who is Porky Pig on roids carrying Miss Piggy’s makeup kit?

  5. Colin

    Um… is that her boyfriend behind her in those pink highwaters?

  6. Ismoss

    Exactly what weather is she dressing for? Winter boots, mini sun-dress and a sweat shirt.

  7. tlmck

    From this distance, she looks almost normal. But who am I kidding.

  8. It’s official. There isn’t anyone left who hasn’t snapped a cell phone picture of her crotch.

  9. cc

    The ‘Trailer Tan’.

  10. Guilty of rough crimes

    Somebody failed to tell her she’s coming back? You see its small details like this that makes a huge difference.

  11. Sorry guys…… nothing funny. Those legs look REALLLLLLLY good.

  12. Bonky

    The one good thing about this girl is you are pretty sure she has no STD’s. I mean she was with 3 guys in her life. Only KFED comes close to being a “contagion” but I think that’s it.

  13. Mae

    Maybe it’s the distance but dang if she doesn’t look better here than any time in the past 4 years.

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