1. Chinto

    electrocuted, drowned, beaten and THEN skinned alive? That’s going a little too far.

  2. jonesy

    In the 70′s we’d have seen some fur and that would have been enough. Leave a little fur, ladies!

  3. sooooooosuperficial

    In my next life I want to come back as Clooney. When you can kick hotness like this to the curb you’re as badass as it gets.

  4. Chet

    Electrocuted, drowned, beaten, then skinned alive.
    Sounds like a new (old?) Eli Roth movie.

  5. “We done here? Great. Anyone seen my leather jacket and boots? Cause I have a lunch meeting at Morton’s in like 20 minutes.”

  6. she’s got the word “anal” in her name.

    that’s all I have to add to this discussion.

  7. PETA is batshit crazy but their ads are spectacular.

    • Chet

      Another reason to be a leather-wearing meat-eater.
      -you don’t want these ads to go away.
      Hey, where can I get a seal-skin cap anyway?

  8. helka

    Fur is so warm and cosy. These people are idiots.

  9. TomFrank

    “Someone whose entire claim to fame is having slept with George Clooney…for PETA.”

  10. welldoneson

    Let’s see; we can’t “beat” them, drown them, or electrocute them… and we can’t skin them alive. So, what are we to do? Follow them around in the wild until they drop dead? These dimwits would still complain.

    We can’t use fake fur, either… petroleum product and all.
    Let’s face it, these clowns are for comedy relief… and with poses like this, other forms of relief are also called for.

    Dips like her need to look back in time at how our forebears kept warm.
    It wasn’t from cozying up to a hairless magpie; that only lasts a few hours.

    • AnnaDraconida

      “Our forebears” wore fur to keep warm in cold weather, not to look fancy. Fashion is to blame. Having said that, I despise PETA. Those assclowns and their ridiculous ads give animal rights activists a bad name

  11. Puss InToots

    $10 bucks says we’ve just seen more of Elisabetta than George Clooney ever did. (Cause he loves the cock, people).

  12. Clown Shoes

    I take comfort in that if there’s ever another famine, the Peta prople will die off first.

  13. SSHGuru

    Let me get this right. The more fur we wear the more ads of naked beautiful women we will see.


  14. Ismoss

    Every time I see one of these ads. I get a boner then get frustrated and then kill an animal

    • Chet

      As they say, you must electrocute, drown, beat and then skin alive.
      Hey PETA, how about a little more cloning of models and less rampant breeding by fat moron trolls?

  15. Funny, I’d rather wear fur than go naked. And all you motherfuckers would thank me for covering up.

  16. The Brown Streak

    I’m a PETA-phile!

  17. she’d be hot, if not for that creepy disjointed hand growing over her tit.

  18. After Forest Bear saw the ad he decided to thank her.
    Awwww….. shit. I got nothing :(

  19. Bonky

    If PETA was around in the 1970′s when I was a teen I could have saved alot of money buying porn magazines. Kids today have it all.

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