1. it had to be said

    “So, are you going to suck it or not?”

  2. Satan's bitch

    Naughty Nancy – the Teen Years.

  3. TomFrank

    Looking at this picture, I would think someone uttered the term “lap dance.”

  4. Uncle Denial

    “No, really. You need to chew this gum or you’re going to make my eyes bleed.”

  5. Puss InToots

    “You need a beard? I’m looking for someone who needs a beard. I’m got about 10 years experience being a beard.”

  6. bbiowa

    Kim K pre-surgery in a harness? I don’t get it.

  7. Do Freebird

    “I’m not kidding, you can smell all you want, you can stick your nose right up to my brown eye, but i’m telling you, I’m Vanessa Hudgens, and it doesn’t stink”

  8. Aud

    “Let me make a cute scrunchy face…it will make up for the fact I’m loosing my hair.”

  9. Venom

    This dude is definitely not looking for a woman, that’s for sure.

  10. The Brown Streak

    “Wait…you wanted to suck it too?”

  11. What’s she doing wearing Sarah Jessica Parker’s work clothes? And why is there a stagecoach parked out front?

  12. dontkillthemessenger

    Whoever cut that hair should be tried for crimes against humanity.

    If I ever get that close to her, either she’ll be naked and almost pregnant or I’ll be naked and in handcuffs.

  13. cc

    “PopChip Fashion’s Night Out Playground”…is that the name these two gave for going out and bitching about what bastards men are?

  14. Guilty of rough crimes

    Venessa: What do you say you and I ditch this place and come back to my place?

    Alehandre: Zack’s # or gtfo…

  15. Its my doctor. Something about dead career. He wants to talk to you.

  16. Bonky

    Poor Vanessa, always trying to convert another one.

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