1. it had to be said

    I think the whole camel fell into her crotch. Good thing it can survive for so long . . .

  2. Chinto

    Reverse Wedgie

  3. SteveG

    Armenian Moose Knuckle. That’s what being able to dunk will get you. That, and herpes. probably.

  4. Cock Dr

    Her crotch looks like a crime scene.

  5. bonerofcuntention

    The pants are obviously reversible – depending on which side is fatter that day.

  6. weird shirt and bad angles…with a HUGE ass stuffed in it.

  7. Moose knuckle? Came toe? More like Twin Peaks.

  8. Queef Sister

    Hello Kim? It’s your vagina……I CAN’T BREATH!

  9. It looks like two denim wrapped turkey legs slapped together.

  10. yoyoblack


  11. Pedobait

    There’s always a dude in the background who’s eyes tell the story of his just having had the displeasure of interacting with the Armenian pissy-fuckpig.

    • Do Freebird

      I didn’t notice the poor sucker until I read your post. But when you get down to it, don’t we all have that look on our faces by now?

  12. fisheyes

    okay, who photoshopped Kim’s face on Khloe’s body?

  13. RHawk

    “No, I do not need a limo. I need to haul ass. Send a front end loader.”

  14. “Read my lips, these pants are too small, and can I have a muffle burger?”

  15. bbiowa

    She doesn’t need an interpreter for the deaf when everyone can already read her lips.

  16. Do Freebird

    Obviously a two humped camel.

  17. hmna

    When this chick gets pregnant her ass is going to really explode. Watch.

  18. Johnny P!

    “Hi, Dad? It’s me, Kim. Yeah, so I wanna
    trademark the term “Dromedary Digit”
    Never mind, just do it! NOW!!!
    Kisses!” *click*

  19. Venom

    Ahh, the weekend was going so well and then you had to fuck it up with this piece of shit.


  20. The Brown Streak

    “It’s strange doc. All I can hear is squish squish squish whenever I walk.”

  21. It’s nice to see that her and her husband spend so much time together. This couple’s gonna make it, I can just feel it!

  22. Knee Grow

    All the exercise she does, and still a cameltoe that goes up to her cleavage!

  23. tlmck

    Later this year, her show is cancelled and she becomes a new contestant on “Almost Celebrity Biggest Loser”.

  24. cc

    Evidently, there is fourth stage on the continuum from camel toe to moose knuckle to wookie wallet.

  25. Jiminy Cryptic

    “Speak louder, I can’t hear you over the friction.”

  26. Guilty of rough crimes

    An amused young man, that suffers a different kind of toe jam. ahhh joie the vivre!

  27. Buddy the Elf

    So Khloe is now using better makeup I see.

  28. Bonky

    Forget camel toe, that thing is the freaking Grand Canyon.

  29. CranAppleSnapple

    They’ll need the jaws of life to cut her out of those pants. Or they could just wait for her to ingest them vaginally.

  30. Zombie Kitty

    JESUS CHRIST imagine the smell?!?!?!?!?!

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