1. Cock Dr

    I want to hate him for being a deceitful in-the-closet homosexual pretending to be a nice family man while he secretly humps twinks & bears all over the world’s major cities.
    But he’s just so damned likeable.
    And I could be wrong about all that other stuff.

  2. “What? How could I resist making the Rock-em Sock-em Robots movie?”

  3. …and he just realized Ray-J is up in the catwalk.

  4. Apparently Wolverine can’t heal dandruff.

  5. Uncle Denial

    TWO WORLDS!!!!

  6. Puss InToots

    “It’s rainin’ men, Halleluiah, it’s raining men, amen!”

  7. Johnny P!

    “These lights show WHAT stains on my jacket?!? oh, shit…”

  8. The Brown Streak

    Randy Orton?

  9. dontkillthemessenger

    “I don’t know what the fuck that shit says either.”

  10. tlmck

    Yes I look fabooluss!

  11. cc

    His latest movie wasn’t greet with much critical acclaim by the pigeons of Moscow.

  12. I cant make fun the guy. He is the Patrick Stewart of America.

  13. Bonky

    He might be a homo. We’re still doing the math on this one…..

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