1. SteveG

    Still way more fuckable than Minaj.

  2. Any Guy

    Han, mah bukee, keel-ee caleya ku kah. Wanta dah moole-rah? Wonkee chee sa crispa con Greedo?

  3. Cock Dr

    She has boobs all over. Something not right.

  4. R-E-S-P-E-C-T…keep those boobs away from me!

  5. Guess she’s got like 3 boobs at least.

  6. hbw

    Why is “Low Rider” by War suddenly playing in my head?

  7. Al Sharpton goes drag?

  8. Richard McBeef

    the boobs and the shirt make MC Escher cry.

  9. Chet

    From the people that brought you the Manzier: the Bra Belt.
    Bend over, tighten the belt firmly until it sinks securely into your back-fat, close the ratcheting buckle in front, then gently lift your your “swing low sweet chariot” mams into the reinforced, attractively shaped cups as you stand back up.

  10. Puss InToots

    Why does she think straightening her weave is gonna make her look any better?

  11. bbiowa

    “The devil made me wear this dress.” (And Geraldine wore it much, much better.)

  12. Do Freebird

    Mariah is Loooooking Goooooood rocking those long blonde tresses.

  13. Mike701

    Some things you can’t unsee. Even with a Soldering Iron and Crazy Glue.

  14. GuidotheRed

    George Lucas got a tan…and some TITAAAAYS

  15. Johnny P!

    The best part is she took the time to pick a necklace before going out to make herself look “purty”. Bless.

  16. Minky Wail

    Say what you will, but she has more talent in her back fat than all of Def Jam combined. Of course she has more back fat than all of Def Jam combined.

  17. Ismoss

    She’s turning into a friggin lava lamp under there.

  18. ChickenHawk

    “Why did I agree to wear this Carrot Top wig? I never get any respect…”

  19. The Brown Streak

    There’s even one on her back for dancing!

  20. Is that the Cowardly lion?

  21. SIN

    She is just showing the Williams gorillas what they will look like in a few years

  22. those tits are like magnets with the same polarity.

    too much science?

  23. cc

    Divine was black?!

  24. Not cool, Martin Lawrence, not cool. Respect The Aretha and take that fat suit off, man.

  25. Icehawg

    “I don’t know…I think it makes me look a bit heavy.”

  26. Artie Fatbuckle

    It’s a boob buffet – front and back.

  27. youse guys

    Beyonce is really packing on the baby weight!

  28. I’m sorry, but I’d fuck Snooki before I’d fuck Aretha Franklin. In fact, I think I’d fuck Pauly D immediately after fucking Snooki before I’d fuck Aretha Franklin.

  29. Who ever said black is slimming is full of SHIT man!!!

  30. Buddy the Elf

    Xtina Aguilera needs a new makeup artist.

  31. gunty mcgunt

    Her back tits are almost as big as her front tits

  32. Zombie Kitty

    You all missed the tit hanging from her chin

  33. Steelerchick

    Mah hair!!! I borrowed if from Carrot Top. Do you like??

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