1. Jan'

    He looks well.

  2. He looks as bored as I’d be at the US Open.

  3. Looks like he needs some Friends.

  4. Tanzarian

    “Well, there’s a tennis ball, we can go now, right?”

  5. GuidotheRed

    And here we have the unshaven douche. Notice how he’s flaunting his coolness by not looking in the same direction as anyone around him, and shows open disdain for “society’s” taboos regarding personal hygiene and weak, flaccid collars.

  6. Johnny P!

    “Hmmm… cost of new mansion, minus a year’s worth of residual cheques from Friends, plus what I pay my pointless publicity rep… yeah, still not enough left over for razors…”

  7. Eddie

    Could this match BE any more boring??

  8. The Brown Streak

    While everyone else watches tennis, he’s undressing the ball girls with his mind.

  9. SSHGuru

    Every time someone hits a ball he makes $5000 off of Friends re-runs. He’s doing the math in his head as he watches.

  10. Lynx

    Bing… He use to date some tennis chick, can’t remember who.

  11. lori

    Hello, Dead Eyes…

  12. snarl

    mr. sunshine lookin’ less than sunshiney…

  13. tlmck

    Hmmm. I here all the grunting, but still not turned on. Think I’ll go watch a guys match and see if that does it.

  14. he’s got a good view from sitting on that pile of Friends money.

  15. cc

    He started thinking of Aniston’s ass in her prime and his brain seized.

  16. Guilty of rough crimes

    Yes Matthew, the jumbo tron only allows 3 seconds of air time.

  17. The One With No Job

  18. Bonky

    “So this is how it ends ? I should have killed myself when I was still on Friends.”

  19. Chnandler Bong.

  20. Steelerchick

    Looks like a man going through withdrawls.

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