1. SteveG

    Charges too much, never took of her pants AND she doesn’t swallow. Save your money.

  2. Chet

    Dressed up as “the Penguin meets Geisha” for an early Halloween.

  3. If you want to score a 10 on the attention whore scale, you can tween topless photos of yourself in a hot tub…or this.

  4. “I gotta keep the markers close in case I need to redraw my face.”

  5. Satan's bitch

    She’s ready for back-to-school at Star Fleet Academy.

  6. TomFrank

    Why is it that whenever I see Nicki Minaj, it looks like she’s a walking minstrel show?

    • hbw

      Why is it that whenever I see Nicki Minaj, it looks like she’s a walking menstrual show?

      Fixed it for you.

  7. the guy is whispering in her ear that he lost the bid for a Lt.Uhura . and she is smiling in order to not cause a scene. As she is trying to be as casual as possible.

  8. Bonky

    “A week, maybe ten days and I am totally out of ideas for new looks.”

  9. a short haired girl


  10. Paul Bunyan

    I’d like to take that bitch and swing her into a tree.

  11. Rebelminion

    Wait…. one in the pink… two in the stink? Is that right?

  12. Oh God, someone please shove them into her head.

  13. Puss InToots

    Damn, Lady Ga Ga…you are getting better and better at playing dress up.

  14. The Winchester

    Check and mate, Lady GaG… oh.

  15. JC

    The pencils aren’t part of the outfit–random passersby threw them into her hair.

  16. GuidotheRed

    these amy winehouse tribute statues are everywhere!

  17. The Brown Streak

    Confucious say big house like man married to fat woman: hard to get around.

  18. Kaitlin

    Nicki Minaj is retribution for all your animated portrayals of black people, Japan!

  19. AnnaDraconida


  20. From here on out, Fashion has decided to stay in.

  21. tlmck

    The new Phyllis Diller.

  22. J

    Her thumb looks freakishly long

  23. That’s just way too much work to be irrelevant.

  24. yikes

    That’s frightening

  25. Laquisha the Geisha?

  26. mekks

    Freddie Krueger finally got a new outfit

  27. No. They said No. 2 was more fashionable.

  28. Goddamnit! Now I’ll never be able to eat sushi or tempura again.

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