1. Any Guy

    oldie hawn

  2. Jan'

    Granny cakes

  3. “Somebody recognized me!”

  4. she’s been making that face for 22 years now

  5. Sleeves: It’s time.

  6. TomFrank

    Why is seemingly everyone here making an Alien face this week?

  7. RHawk

    Two thoughts:
    1. Time can be cruel.
    2. At least she doesn’t look as bad a her daughter yet.

  8. yoyoblack

    she looks like david lee roth

  9. bbiowa

    So Bret MIchaels finally lost his bandanna.

  10. Nug

    It’s Brittney…bitch.

  11. Johnny P!

    Goldie checks reflection for any creamed spinach stuck in her dentures.

  12. The Brown Streak

    She finally got the “sock it to me” joke.

  13. who resurrected George Burns and why is he wearing a blonde wig?

  14. Sucked Dan Rowan with that mouth.

  15. cc

    Did some ventriloquist have a dummy that looked like this? Help me out here folks.

  16. Yeah it IS open for a reason! Kurt said upper body Kagel exercise will help me finance Private Benjamin II.

  17. The judges haven’t comfirmed yet, but it apprears she may have beaten out Justin Bieber for the “Insect Catching Competition.”

  18. Bonky

    She’s 800 years old and still a hell of alot of fun to get drunk with !

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