1. Hey, you know what would be really awkward? If she got her hair done up like Brigitte Nielsen. (Most of you are going to have to look up her father to understand this one.)

  2. No-one goes near Chateau Marmont without getting a case of the old Wonk-Eye.

  3. Frank Burns

    Needs more collagen.

  4. seriouslynow

    She looks like she’d be up for anything.

  5. Brittny Gastihellllllneau.

  6. cc

    To anyone that has ever ventured into a stripjoint…is she the girl selling shooters or what?

  7. Martina

    No disrespect to Brittny but, #1 her parents misspelled her name, and, #2 she’s kind of a waste of celebrity oxygen

  8. Blech

    Well, this tops those Freddy Krueger nightmares I used to have…


    i LOVE tanlines

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