1. And they say stereotypes are wrong….

  2. You know what they say, “If you go black, you ain’t ever allowed back.”

  3. I neither know, nor care who he is…but let’s get some more pics of the chick with the highly redundant flotation devices, I fear a water landing is immanent!

  4. LegMan

    Great googly-moogly!

  5. Those are three of the most ridiculously large things that I’ve ever seen!

  6. cc

    Take that, Ms. Hendricks!

  7. Colin

    Who the hell is fat John Legend, and what did he do to earn a pair like that?

  8. CK

    Suddenly I want one of those black-and-white cookies.

  9. Cock Dr

    This event was at Chateau Marmont. I think there might be a portal to Satan’s underworld down there where they keep their kegs. We should keep an eye on that place.

  10. Urvag

    There is such a natural feel to this pic.

  11. Bigalkie

    Did you meet Coco’s sister?

  12. All I’m saying is that bitch better have his money.

    • Next....

      Forget it, already spent on cheek, lip, & boob implants. Can’t see her ass so not sure if $$$’s spent there.

  13. Anyone know who she is? I’d like to Google the fuck out of her to find pics of those tits!

  14. Angelina Junklie

  15. InkyBlack

    Who smacked her in the mouth?

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