1. “OMG is that how big of a douche I am????”

  2. Bonky

    “Ok, the bet is if flight 225 comes in first I get anal, if flight 340 comes in first I have to go down on you. Come on 225, come on baby….”

  3. joe

    Watching Ireland, the flying filthy pig.

  4. catapostrophe

    That must have been one helluva lob.

  5. He just whispered to her that the prenup had a hidden “Anal piledriver” clause.

    • BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

      Looking at the picture that’s not nearly as big surprise as the head she’s going to get

  6. cc

    I guess being on the far left doesn’t preclude ‘banging young chicks’.

  7. Okay, honey, now loosen your grip just a little…faster…faster…

  8. That goddamn photoboming Heather Mills!

  9. Jade

    Alec Baldwin’s daughter is prettier than I had expected.

  10. “Good God, Lemon.”

  11. Bigalkie

    Sad young woman desperate for fame. It’s a messed up world when a publicist follows you around.

  12. journalschism

    Her: “Oh fuck, do you really look that?”
    Him: “Shhhhh, don’t move it’s still in you.”

  13. “As God is my witness I had no fucking idea they were that tall!”

  14. 911, make it happen again.

  15. Joaquin ingles

    WHO is that old woman gobbing on?

  16. anonym

    he looks like a serial killer or rapist.

    his face could be a meme for douchebag.

  17. Her name is Hilarius.

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