1. I guess the democrats really DO like tripping over themselves at the last inches of a race…

  2. Where did she tattooe “Barack”?
    -No one, ever…

  3. USDA Prime McBeef

    huh. I thought the undead usually voted republican.

  4. SIN

    Yet another reson to despise her.

  5. As soon as she drops those pants were gonna all be wishing for hope and change.

  6. I guess when your current tour nets over $250 million, “stay the course” seems like a good idea.

  7. Makes Clint’s lunatic ramblings seem not so bad.

  8. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Yay! If we’ve got the to point in the night where the grannies are up doing Madonna you don’t have long to wait for my Funky Chicken

  9. Wow, that steroid abusing guy really likes Obama!

  10. Dinosaurland


  11. That’s the only way Madonna can actually say she got a little Obama all over her …

  12. Jentilly

    Not the first time she’s had a black guy on her back

  13. Smapdi

    Old woman get off the stage!

  14. Colin

    Suddenly, that Onion article doesn’t seem so unreasonable.

  15. Jade

    Such a sad and bitter woman.

  16. Cock Dr

    He already has the gay vote; she didn’t need to do this.

  17. Gabe Kaplan

    Great…. Madonna got a “gramp tramp stamp.”

  18. Bionic_Crouton

    She is not showing her support for Obama. It’s an acronym for
    Old Bitch After Menopausal Age.

  19. lawn

    **RING RING**
    Madonna: Hello?
    Obama: This is the President. Is this Madonna?
    M: Yes.
    O: I have a little favor to ask of you.
    M: Yes?
    O: I’d like your back to say “Romney” from now on. That would do me far more good.

  20. biff

    I guess Obama asked her to get the AARP vote

  21. Animal

    She’s working for the GOP, clearly.

  22. tlmck

    I’ve seen women with knee burn, but elbow burn?

  23. It’s a touch up. It originally said “I Like Ike”.

  24. Mrs. Tom Cruise IV

    she can have him.

  25. Pekosa

    So, if I read this right, “OBAMA – just above an ass”.

  26. Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

    Ornery Bitch Annihilates Masses’ Acoustics

  27. Yoda Mann

    If y’all were wondering if she actually is atrocious head to foot, inside n out, front to back, you now have your answer.

    Also, as she recently showed up late (to boos, mind you) at a recent concert, this also suggests she really is on CPT.

  28. I wonder what it actually says if you stretch her back skin flat?

  29. jasper

    Ironic for a woman who has built her career on the giant catcher’s mitt on her front side.

  30. RHawk

    2 minutes later, she dropped her pants and showed off her AARP sticker.

  31. Martina

    Isn’t she doing the gigolo thing with Betty White now?

  32. What it was really suppose to say, “Old Donna.”

  33. Swearin

    Well, I guess this means he’s got the Medieval Witches vote

  34. BSName

    I just hope that some disgruntled employee writes OSAMA on her back before the next concert.

  35. Alpha Female

    She’s so disgusting in so many ways it makes my head explode!

  36. Nate

    That Madonna dude is no Jon Hamm.

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