1. Gin&Tonic

    cant believe all the people on other sites who call her fat; haters gonna hate, but kate’s just freakin’ gorgeous in my book

    • Next....

      I agree! She is sexy like this! If she can stay away from the Anna Nicole syndrome then we could see her around for a lot longer. She has the old classic sex symbol appeal.

    • lily

      she is fat compared to runway models, so chicks on the skinny gossip sites rip her and call her a cow. obviously that should not be the standard of beauty. she is not fat, but I am not a fan of her body because she is skinnyfat, untoned, and sloppy. not saying she needs a 6 pack like cameron diaz, but something to indicate she actually works out and takes care of her body would raise her appeal tremendously (again, just my opinion!)

      • que

        i doubt she really cares if you’re “into” her body or not. probably a million times sexier than u are!

  2. Cock Dr

    It’s not about the boobs.

  3. cc

    Ya, I got a lot like this in college. *finishes last mouthful of Jim Beam*

  4. Martina

    easily the most overrated piece of ass in Hollywood, she needs to lose 20 pounds

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