1. joe

    I’ve got 99 problems, but giving a shit about this colossal douchebag ain’t one of them.

  2. Why is it always called the South of France? Can’t we just say Southern France?

    I don’t call Georgia the South of America.

  3. Wow that middle aged man is so edgy!

  4. LegMan

    Sucks to be famous and ba-gillionaire, don’t it? Life is so tough!

  5. cc

    Stow it, carp-face.

  6. mismy

    Fucking Illuminati scum

  7. kimmykimkim

    That goes in your anus, you scrotum.

  8. Gin&Tonic

    FU too man, whatever

  9. That’s his automatic response when Kim K tries to talk to him.

  10. Bigalkie

    Wow.. You’re Super Ghetto Jay Z. I’m shitting my pants now you poser.

  11. Bionic_Crouton

    Jay-Z wants to know where you want him to wipe his booger.

  12. tlmck

    His reaction when asked “where did you and Beyonce buy that baby?”.

  13. No, man. You’re number one.

  14. Hehe, nice of him, giving us the thumbsup-wait

  15. Martina

    keeping it classy, right?

  16. Blech

    I see Rihanna has rubbed off on him…

  17. Now that he’s given the world the finger, I believe I will run right out and buy all of his CD’s…

  18. Pine Table Fever

    Mr. Z eloquently demonstrates the maximum number of fucks I give about his wretched wife, his awful recording career, and his existence in general.

  19. Occupy St. Tropez

  20. Alpha Female

    I want this ugly cunt’s life :(

    But I wouldn’t lie about having a baby. That I wouldn’t do.

  21. Ronaldo

    Right back to you Douche.

  22. That’s the number of friends Kanye has.

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