1. Pretty sure that’s supposed to be “Jenna Bush Hager.”

  2. One of these three women are masturbating, the other two are watching a very stimulating game of tennis.

  3. Raoul

    I’m guessing paying more for those new vibrating seats at the US Open was worth it.

  4. me

    Barbara was always the smart one

  5. Yeah, whateva, those aren’t the bushes I want to see.

  6. Ana

    Pretty sure they’re all thinking the same thought: “It’s a good thing.”

  7. Off frame is a 10″ cock that just flopped out of some tennis player’s shorts.

  8. Jenna Bush just popped up from giving a blowie to some unsuspecting patron of the tennis match.

    Wow, Barbara Bush Looks Great!!! Amazing what some Oil Of Olay and Hair Dye will do for you!!! Oh wait, that’s the Grand Daughter?

  9. Family of retards.

  10. amir

    Barbara looks like her plastic looking mom, Jenna looks like her doofy daddy…

  11. Urvag

    Is it me or does Martha look like she had a visit from the formaldehyde fairy?

  12. tlmck

    Jenna could be hot if I didn’t know who her daddy was.

  13. facefuc

    is there a giant dick on stage?

  14. Mrs. Tom Cruise IV

    From rap sheets to tennis courts..it’s good to be rich.

  15. Senor Trout

    Playing the part of Martha Stewart will be Tan Mom.

  16. Yoda Mann

    And yet, they want to limit grunting in tennis. Don’t they know that’s why people tune in to the idiot sport?

  17. coyote

    I ‘d like to put my Bird In Two Bush’s

  18. Blech

    There’s Jenna, being herself.

  19. That’s a pile of used right there.

  20. anonym

    the daughter on the right looks like the retarded one.

  21. Marry, boff, kill.

  22. lori

    They do look exceedingly stupid.

  23. Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

    The lizard back left’s face doesn’t fit it’s head that well, and the lizard back right must smell blood.

  24. This is the Kobayashi Maru test of sniper training. You get one bullet.

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