1. BigOkie

    Meh… looks fleshy… and why should I know here again?

    At least she is smiling…

  2. That’s a less to all you girls. When you swallow, you’ll look like this in your 50s too.

  3. rantatonne

    An i the only one that reads her name as Rita Rustic after looking at her picture?

  4. kimmykimkim

    You motherfuckers!

  5. Cock Dr

    Grandma needs to get a one piece with proper infrastructure. Those are big and weary implants and they need a lot more support than what she’s providing here.

  6. I see you boys got my cheque in the mail. Excellent!

  7. Martina

    Doesn’t she have an an appointment to melt, or something?

  8. Blech

    I don’t want to receive messages from her vagina. I don’t care if it wants to be saved…

  9. She looks fuckin’ marvelous for her age. Now that I have admitted it, NO FUCKING MORE…PLEASE???

  10. Why is there a dog on her crotch?

  11. lily

    she looks amazing for a grandma

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