1. “That guy… That guy right there recognized me. Get him a copy of he Pacifier…”

  2. cc

    Anyone see ‘The Gate’? He’s starting to look like those things.

  3. Mr. Popfarts

    “Hell No, I am NOT Bruce Willis!! How dare you?”

  4. And don’t go easy on the cherry juice i that Shirley Temple!

  5. Bionic_Crouton

    “Come daybreak, we attack that wig shop!”

  6. Art Crow

    “George Michael. Those bushes. 5 minutes.”

  7. Bigalkie

    Don’t make me come over there and park your car.

  8. Mrs. Tom Cruise IV

    He’s climbing back into the closet..

  9. Looking all kinds of not badass.

  10. Martina

    “that pig over there does not know who I am!”

  11. “Some guy just sold me some cheap tickets to the Olympics. They would be going on down there, right?”

  12. JacobN

    That’s the asshole who panned “The Chronicles of Riddick.”

    No wait, all of them

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