1. Bonky

    Hmmm… ok, let’s check back in another 30 days…

  2. joe

    She’s losing weight faster than Chestica.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    She’s probably losing the weight so fast because someone showed her the comments from the last picture of her here, which featured the meanest, most vile, and hilarous posts ever.

  4. BigOkie

    Charles needs to get back in charge of that shit, like pronto!

  5. Nicole “Cadbury Creme” Eggert

  6. I would get on that. And I’ll tell you why…

    memory is a powerful thing.

  7. Richard Tyson looks terrible in drag.

  8. Good luck getting that neck down to its original size.

  9. cc

    The picture screams ‘roadhouse’, ‘waitress’, and ‘rude’ in that order.

  10. jd

    Best Steven Tyler has looked on here in months.

  11. She better move away from that gas pump before someone tries to fill her up with diesel.

  12. Animal

    I’d have to see her without the shades for a final verdict.

  13. journalschism

    My imagination or…

  14. Next....

    Did she put gas in her tank or her hair?

  15. Martina

    an amazing transformation … I’m speechless

  16. Holy shit! She was so beautiful once upon a time. But I think I’d still give her a tumble…

  17. In Your Ass

    The Egg is looking better.

  18. I used to like that Bounty Hunter show.

  19. lily

    wide load…gross

  20. Ms. Swan

    She look like a brick.

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