1. “Her roommate didn’t say anything, but it was easy to see that she did not appreciate Kate borrowing her clothes again.”

  2. Good morning fatty.

    • I’m assuming you have never had a GF and masturbate to photoshopped models in lingerie catalogues?

      • It was an ironic joke with the premise being that people all over the internet keep saying that she’s overweight. In this photo she looks not overweight at all…hence the humor of the comment on this very sarcastic website that you must be new to. I’ve never needed to masturbate to photoshopped models in lingerie catalogs…the real thing works better.

  3. Cock Dr

    Did we just catch a grandmaw checking out the Upton’s backside?

  4. I guess that neck is going to even out after after a batch of deep fried butter dipped in cupcakes.

  5. Mike

    I hope she doesn’t get too fat. There’s reasonably sized, and then there’s Terry Clifford.

  6. heey

    You don’t recognize her with clothes on. She has to press her boobs out of the garment, ”look, look”! ”They’re all covered up!”

  7. Drooping lower and lower.

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