1. Josephus

    You call it a fashion event, but I say neigh.

  2. angerinside

    She’s like a horse that can turn you to stone with her eyes.

  3. that is a face only a jockey could love.

  4. Canudigit

    Now Persius, now!

  5. Kel

    It sure is a disrupted fashion event. Lexus is hosting and Mustang crashed the party.

  6. Is she looking more like Lyle Lovett every year?

  7. I haven’t seen the Dark Crystal in ages.

  8. ruckus

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Matthew Broderick fucks her!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. I guess a baseball bat across that face wouldn’t improve it, would it?

  10. fred

    “Sarah Jessica Parker at the unveiling of the new low emission Lexus horse drawn carriage. She is also the spokesperson.”

  11. SER

    I’m not one to judge, but is a “pony tail” really the best hairstyle choice? Do you want them to keep making horse jokes Sarah?

  12. Mrs. Edward Scissorhands. see what I did there.

  13. crb

    Is she dressed that way because she’s waiting for her Black Stallion?

  14. crb

    With so much black in the photo, it’s starting to feel like a nightmare.

  15. crb

    Pretty soon, she’ll be so old she’ll call 911 and say, “I’ve fallen and I can’t giddyup!”

  16. At least we cannot see her hands.

  17. A horse with a ponytail. Now I’ve seen everything

  18. Where are her eyes?

  19. Jesus Christ, Sarah, stop horsing around!

  20. Creeping Charlie

    “When I said we needed some high horsepower guests, I didn’t expect it to be taken literally!” – Lexus Exec

  21. Father Dougal

    Anyone else notice how badly she’s aging? Ooops. I forgot this was a Sarah Jessica Parker post. Allow me to rephrase that: The old grey mare, she ain’t what she used to be.

  22. Just out of shot there are a couple of Amish people attempting a carjacking with a lasso and a bag of oats.

  23. Her mane is so shiny.

  24. martina

    Kids, this is what happens when you abuse plastic surgery.

  25. Just shoot her and put us all out of our misery.

  26. heysamjo

    Never forget, THIS was the hot Sanderson sister.

  27. some black dude

    I didn’t read anyone’s comments because I just wanted to guess and have you tell me if I am right “horse this, horse that, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse, horse” am I right? ha ha ha ha OK I laughed now please stop, internet. Please….

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