1. Ice-T

    Why is Flavor Flav harrasing that poor girl?

  2. hollyhood

    reverend flava flav offers his blessings.

  3. Wow, in LA, even the homeless look like celebrities.

  4. Looking at the outfits can’t tell which one is homeless.

  5. “Please…Spare some change or change that outfit!”
    “Ha!…Your poverty makes me laugh!”

  6. He asked her to play “As Time Goes By” on the flute.

  7. crb

    “Hahaha, do I even LOOK like Brigitte Nielsen? You need a new pair of hobo-glasses, sir! Good Day!!!”

  8. The Viscount of Vyvanse

    “I’m sorry, but for the last time, I CANNOT tell you who the mother is.”

  9. He must be freezing to death in the 85 degree weather.

  10. “I don’t have any change, but I guess I could give you a blowjob…”

  11. I love you, Alyson.

  12. Rabid1

    Pleez Red! Help me get my clock back!

    OOhhh Flav!

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