1. Josephus

    “All right, that’s enough. His turn.”

  2. JC

    “I know, it’s crazy, right? Who knew they’d pre-pay me for 17 Fast & Furious movies?”

  3. “I’m going to keep applying lotion lower until you tell me to stop.”
    “Can’t hear you, I’m deaf!”

  4. The Viscount of Vyvanse

    People still wear that Cool Water shit?

  5. crb

    No Gwen, that’s not where babies come from. Lower.

  6. SER

    Quick! Name two things that were popular in the 90s but now kinda stink!

  7. tito

    Gwen Stefani: “So THAT’s what tits feel like…”

  8. “How long have you guys been on the crew?”
    “What crew?”

  9. Schawn Connery

    When did Gwen Schtefani schtart schlumming it?

  10. “You missed my pocket again, Mrs. Unger.”

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