1. DoubleD

    He carries a baby gerbil on his chin, JUST in case.

  2. Okay, Perez may be right: some pictures just demand MS Paint semen stains.

  3. Huh. Who knew your Thetan level affected your hairline?

  4. Pilin

    Looks so natural, Madame Taussauds….

  5. bewbs

    He had his make up artist HDR Tone his face

  6. He can’t wait for all of this to be over so he can have a nice Masseur…er I mean I mean massage.

  7. Man, Dave from the Imagination Movers isn’t looking so good.

  8. Another week, another hairline.

  9. phantom duck

    Hello, I’m John Travolta and this is my doll hair…

  10. Enough with the photo-shopped images, Ireland. The pug with Mexican wrestler head was funny, but this is just unsettling.

  11. Oh, he went to the 39th Douchville American Film Festival? I assume he won something.

  12. Voice of Reisling

    He and Nic Cage are re-teaming for the summer blockbuster PIECE/OFF!

  13. Okay, which beard is least believable,
    Kelly Preston?
    Or this photo of “My Very First Beard”™ from Hasbro?

  14. oldfool

    You’re supposed to wipe your chin after tossing a Cholo’s salad.

  15. Jentilly

    Ah his nut tickler is growing in nicely!

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