1. Is this her actual ass?? yum

  2. Instagram filters are getting really weird

  3. Photoshopped. The shadows aren’t right.

  4. That’s Coco’s big ass, right?

  5. i love this girl.

  6. The Winchester

    LOOK AT MY SHE… wait, is Alec around? No?

    Ok, good. LOOK AT MY SHEEEIT!!!

  7. Have I mentioned that I weep for the future? I weep for the future.

  8. Looks as if she has too much time on her hands.

  9. Twingal

    Is it bad that I was more excited to see the pugs?

  10. A prehensile tail tuck. Suddenly I’m interested.

  11. I believe this picture is a counterfeit Picasso still life. There’s just no way it can be real.

  12. That’s a great ass.

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