1. Looks like he’s trying to get the underskirt shot.

  2. mcdoubler

    even he cant believe hes married to her.

  3. What a douchnozzle.

    A real man would come in drunk, yell something offensive at the crown and then take a dump on the runway.

    This idiot has been taking pussy lessons from Brad Pitt.

  4. Buddy the Elf

    Every woman there is trying to burn her with their eyes.

  5. Richard McBeef

    Look at the catty bitch stares from Chelsea Handler and her equally ugly friend back there. It would be in her best interest to not go to places where attractive women can be found.

  6. It looks like he’s elbowing all the ladies around him saying, “See? See that? That’s what I stick my dick into!”

    To be honest, I’d probably be smiling, too.

  7. it had to be said

    Is that Joe Pesci in the back? Does Miranda Kerr amuse him? Is she like a clown to him?

  8. Little does he know the woman behind him wants to cut a bitch.

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Nice one, Orlando. It’d be a shame to have modelled for Dior in Paris and not have any pictures.

  10. Cock Dr

    He’s still “in love”. That’s nice; it’s great while it lasts.

  11. Venom

    Those two bitches in the back look like they are about to jump her and beat the shit out of her.

  12. Raoul

    Elizabeth Banks ’bout ta stab a bitch.

  13. farting old man's wife

    You know he is thinking” I get to fuck that tonight” but it is nice that he is smiling and seems to be proud of her!! Let’s see that same smile in 10 years!!

  14. Bonky

    Look honey, they let me in. You told me they wouldn’t let me in because I’m a douchebag, but they did. I even told them I was with you. I did good, right ?.

  15. The Brown Streak

    Which one is Orlando Bloom? Is he the one in the pink?

  16. Miss C

    I can haz tittays!

  17. sc4play

    Anybody else think that’s Pippa Middleton to his right? I’m just probably up too late!

  18. *_* haannndddddssssssoooooooommmmmeeeeeee *_*

    Miranda looks gorgeous.

  19. cc

    The lady in the pink top looks moist.

  20. Haddo01

    Smug bastard

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