1. He’s horrified because the whole airport didn’t shut down just for him.

  2. Frank The Duck

    “Geez, I just ot a whiff of Chris Brown’s ass!!!”

  3. it had to be said

    Oh, snap! When did I eat THAT?!?

  4. swearin

    This is his new media strategy, right? Just cover his mouth when in earshot of the press?

  5. Rooster

    non, non, non monsieur, I am not familiar with zees, how you say, on ze down low.

  6. I just threw up in my mouth! Where’s Taylor when I need her??

  7. GuidotheRed

    “Oh man, I just ate an entire plaid shirt, and… Oh mah GAH, it’s leaking out!”

  8. Venom

    “Goddamn it, he got it in my eye again”

  9. kimmykimkim

    Real men let other men carry their purses.

  10. Zzzz

    Even Kanye West looks bored with Kanye West.

  11. tlmck

    “Chris Brown is gay? Awe that is so beautiful man(wiping away tear).

  12. SteveG

    Even Kanye is bored of Kanye.

  13. cc

    His sense of moral outrage finally led him to Paris to participate in the riots…oops.

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