1. Jill

    I will never in my life know the sheer joy shown in this picture.

  2. CharmlessMan

    “It’s OK to jump a penguin, right?”

  3. Frank The Duck

    “Finally, a nun I can relate to!”

  4. it had to be said

    Aaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy . . .

    • Rupert Giles

      You took the Aaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy right out of my Coach Kline. Its hard not to picture him wearing red heels and stamping his foot…”I hate him I hate him I hate him”

  5. Ava

    This is why they want to get rid of Social Security, people were never meant to live this long.

  6. Minky Wail

    Sea World? Is he there to jump a shark?

  7. TomFrank

    So yesterday he was squiring Lindsay Lohan around Paris, and today he’s holding a penguin. Well…at least it’s an upgrade.

  8. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “I found Elvis!”

  9. Dude, are you still living with Mrs. Cunningham?

  10. Bonky

    “Yes, I pretty much run out of ideas. What do you think about this? Could it be a show ?. Maybe a special ?. Anything, I gotta get back on TV.”

  11. MRF

    10% of Penguins are gay.

  12. How did he not look this Jewish when he played the Fonz?

  13. Miss C

    Not sure I approve of Barry Zuckerkorn’s move away from NJ Turnpike Hookups to Antarctic Bestiality.

  14. Man, he’s going to be disappointed when he finds out penguins don’t like peanut butter.

  15. Nik

    WHy does the penguins flipper have a blue rope connecting two pieces?

  16. cc

    Calling all casting agents…need a lovable, whacky college professor?

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