1. Thanks again O’s for sending the redsux home in tears :DDDDD
    GO YANKEES!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Big Ben, this here’s rubber duck. Looks like we got ourselves a convoy.

  3. Wolverine’s let himself go.

  4. Colin

    I saw someone saying something earlier about Robert Pattinson’s beard. I assumed they were talking about Kristen Stewart.

  5. I thought he was the vampire, not the werewolf.

    • TomFrank

      He’s taking a leaf from Michael Sheen, who’s played both: first a werewolf in the Underworld movies, and then a vampire in The Damned United.

  6. AnnaDraconida

    Jo Calderone’s fake stubble is more convincing than those pubes all over his chin.

  7. tlmck

    How cute. Justin Timberlake is trying to look like Ashton Kutcher.

  8. Miss C

    Thank God the English are supporting the Orioles; no one else seems to be.

  9. gnibs

    Ideally, the sparkle demon wouldn’t wear an Orioles hat in my town.

  10. V

    I want his beard burn in my inner thighs.

  11. cutthecrap

    Looks like his girlfriend’s pubes keep shedding onto his face

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