1. hmna

    Where did they get the wig to fix her fivehead?

  2. celebutard

    Bangs. Excellent choice.

  3. it had to be said

    Bad casting. Everyone knows that all women in the ’60s had great racks.

  4. Coyote

    That can’t be Christina Ricci, Christina Ricci is only 5 feet tall

  5. Fester

    Hairstyle: “The Big Bangs Theory” by Moe Howard.

  6. Not shown in photo, TALENT.

  7. The Pope

    Betty Rubble isn’t too happy about how her life has turned out since Barney left her for a little green man and she was forced to leave Bedrock in shame.

  8. AnnaDraconida

    I didn’t even recognize her without the forehead.

    I still don’t.

  9. The Brown Streak

    Forever haunted by the script of Casper 2.

  10. Alison

    Yeah, because a terry cloth robe is so flattering, guys.

  11. Nik

    Almost vaj shot.

  12. cc

    Stupid maid…forgot the mop outside again.

  13. She looks like she’s made out of Bakelite.

  14. “Oops, excuse me. I could have sworn I actually had clothing on.”

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