1. yeah point it by ur face with a finger on the trigger… women…

  2. chris breezy boxing academy

    dumb whores don’t know nothing about no trigger discipline

  3. Cock Dr

    If no one is playing nightly butt bongo on this woman it’s an awful waste of an ass.
    Oh, there’s a gun of some sort in the shots? Are straight guys actually looking at something other than dat ass?
    Just when a woman thinks she’s figured out the male psyche they throw you a curve ball.

  4. Betsy

    Don’t you just hate it when they don’t use photoshop.

  5. guy rossi

    “And this years miss butterface is……”

  6. fandy

    that is crammed so far up her azz, i bet her tongue is red. lol..And now a commercial for Stain Lifting Tide, gets any stain out, even asstain.

  7. The Pope

    “Hello, I am Dr. Marvin Candle and this is the orientation video for station two, dat ass!”

  8. farting old man's wife

    Jesus she will never be president!!

  9. cc

    Oh good, we’ve come full circle.

  10. .

    I’d pull an ostrich on that asz.

  11. mimi

    Anybody want to smell my shitty ass

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