1. Frank The Duck

    “Thanks ever so much for allowing me to live a life of luxury without having to actually work! I feel like Paris Hilton…”

    • Leonidas

      a) The public don’t really pay very much tax for the support of the royals (something minimal like 80 pence per month).
      b) He does work, as an RAF rescue helicopter pilot – which means that he probably works much harder than you, and is much more of an asset to society than what you are, my Seppo friend.

      • Richard McBeef

        an asset society my ass. I hope to shit you are british because americans should have quit giving a shit about these inbred assholes in 1776.

      • Ava

        He’s not really British, but a German kraut. The royal family changed their name to Windsor because their really last name, Mountbatten, sounded to Germanic.

      • Frank The Duck

        More to the point they changed their name to Windsor from Hanover and this waste of space’s grandmother is 255/256 German. I do not , by the way, consider flying coast guard helicopters to be anything but tax supported labour for the idle rich. I stand by my original statement about these worthless turds whose time has passed…

      • Mike Walker

        Most Brits are of Germanic origin so it’s a moot point.

      • Nik

        hi Pippa.

      • Deryn

        Look, y’all, I don’t come to Superficial to learn anything.

    • Mike Walker

      The Royals draw in a significant amount of foreign tourist dollars, so they may be a positive net investment. Take away the Beefeaters, Buckingham palace and other Royal bric a brac and there’s not much iconic imagery to draw upon.

      • RIchard McBeef

        I give a million more fucks about the goddamn KC Royals than anything those blue blood assholes are doing.

      • Leonidas

        I’m not sure why having a German heritage is a problem? In any case, try Googling “Anglia”, my Seppo friends. I guess someone who risks his life rescuing people out of the ocean really is less of an asset to society than some fat, opinionated Seppo bastard who lives in his mother’s basement.

      • RIchard McBeef

        At least I can sit my fat opinionated bastard ass in my mom’s basement without a lifetime of having my pillows fluffed and my balls cupped on the taxpayer’s dime.

        go brush your teeth, limey cunt.

      • Just Saying...

        I think I love you, Richard. Is there a Mrs. McBeef?

    • Leonidas

      “Is there a Mrs McBeef?”… ha ha ha ha ha *wipes tear from eye*… Actually, there is a Mrs McBeef – she’s an old gym sock. Listen you ignorant Seppo prick, let me spell it out for you: PRINCE WILLIAM DOES NOT EARN A SALARY FOR HIS ROYAL DUTIES. He does nothing “on the taxpayer’s dime”, as you put it in your charming rustic Seppo manner. You Yanks, on the other hand, have got all your priorities right when it comes to “the taxpayer’s dimes” – that’s why your country hasn’t defaulted on its gigantic debt…

  2. Buddy the Elf

    “Jolly good show. Pip pip. Cheerio old mate.”

  3. it had to be said

    “Why yes, that is my grammy on the money . . .”

  4. Y’know, for a guy who doesn’t have to give a shit, he looks pretty genuine.

  5. “Inoperable brain cancer. Tsk, tsk. Wherever did you catch that? Oh, your son has it. And how old is he? Three? Well, it’s not like you’ve had him around long enough to grow attached and all. I remember when I lost my pony, Sergeant Withers, during a freak bout of starvation. Had me broken up for weeks, it did. But you know what always cheered me right up? A jolly old pub song, like this: OOOooooo….”

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “That’s right love, Pippa who? Stick it out down there!”

  7. Fester

    Is there such a place as Comb-over, England? There should be.

  8. “Yes, Camile lets me cop a feel.”

  9. farting old man's wife

    Oh my no, I don’t enjoy touching you peasants, but because of me mum, I have to be friendly and pretend I am not repulsed!!

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    No ma’am, I don’t know why they keep taking pictures of my sister in law’s flat ass.

  11. AnnaDraconida

    His reaction to seeing an actual pair of boobs.

  12. MRF

    Ahhh hhooonnn hooonnnn hoooonnn!


  14. GuyLeDouche

    Her “O” face? It looks like this…

  15. Colostomy Bag

    How cute – the Illuminati’s AntiChrist at a meet & greet. “Oh, that’s your new baby girl? I just love baby’s blood for breakfast.”

  16. cc

    You know…there probably was a photog off to the right getting a shot of Kate’s ass. Why not that picture?

  17. Khunn-tee

    The German thing has been diluted though. His paternal great-grandmother (Helena Bonham Carter) was 100% British and Scottish, his mother (Princess Diana) was 100% British. So the German stuff comes from his paternal great-grandfather (Colin Firth) and his grandfather (Prince Philip)

  18. Ego, the living planet

    Channeling his inner Camilla

  19. Bouncy Castle, London, UK

    Actually, he did an extremely long air-sea-rescue shift before he went to the children’s hospital.

    If you want to spit bile at any of them, spit it at Andrew.

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