1. catapostrophe

    “I’m telling you—it’s good shit. You want it or not?”

  2. I’m disappointed. I expected a see-through leather jacket.

  3. XGL

    are those mardi gras beads? because she deserves way more than one string for showing her snatch

  4. Looks like someone’s basic instinct is to get hammered every night. Ammiright?

  5. Finally, she wears something we can’t see her mournful granny titties through.

  6. Sadly, this is actually a topless photo!

  7. EricLr

    I never thought I could see a picture slur itself.

  8. However much you may hate that woman, you gotta love that hat.

  9. HoneyBooBooby

    I thought that was Lindsay Lohan but she hasn’t looked that good in a while.

  10. Violet

    Stupid, old lady, meta head.

  11. I need to do something to stop her from calling me every night.

  12. mikael

    i thought this was kid rock

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