1. Mohawk Disco

    Yeah, you can smile all you want. I think we can declare those pounds are not coming off. EVER.

  2. Looking good. (Obviously not talking about the face)

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    The Kristen Cavallari pics are going to ruin her day.

    That or the bacon shortage.

  4. XGL

    She obviously farted.

  5. Cypherpunk

    Wait… was this photo taken a few minutes after someone proposed to her?

  6. I’ll still do her, but I would need her to wear the Hillary Duff mask from 2005. FYI, that’s when she just turned 18.

  7. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Just like any other suburban 40 year old soccer mom….oh wait

  8. g-moonie

    It’s all over once you get the bingo wings.

  9. Violet

    Exposed telephone poles, what type of crappy area does she live in.

  10. anonym

    fat and proud

  11. Quijibo

    Butch Diesel

  12. martian

    Hilary Puff.

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