1. Well, we all know that’s not a condom in her back pocket.

  2. Janice

    So Mom Jeans are the new lesbian trend, then?

  3. Damn it! She heard me coming. *hides in the bushes*

  4. XGL

    I’m honestly confused as to whether she is a lesbian or bisexual. Though, I do feel like Johnny Depp could turn a girl straight.

  5. Damnit this girl is tasty.

  6. EricLr

    Could I get another dozen pairs of mom jeans to try on, please?

  7. Amber, my darling, I’m afraid it’s over between us. I have just given my heart to Olivia Wilde. Ah-ah-ah, no tears now. Just hang tough, hold your chin up, go home, and eat some pussy.

    • XGL

      My aunt thinks bisexual people are just desperate people who want more choices. If that’s true for this girl, god help the rest of us.

      by the way, I don’t agree with her. Just making that clear.

  8. “Johnny, I don’t care what the saleslady said, that bedazzled silk tubetop looked better on me.”

  9. YEs

    Amber Heard, “I wanna munch that lesbos rug.”

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