1. cagster

    I think you’ve spelled (spelt for Brits) it wrong, it’s “Louse”

  2. “Laos” means “douche” in which language?

  3. Oh no! Not a pair or JORTS!

  4. $5 says he chose that hat because he’s listening to Holiday In Cambodia.

  5. Mohawk Disco

    He’s no Jon Hamm! No matter how strategically that phone is located. (Made you look!)

  6. Michael

    I gotta say, he’s wise for getting rid of that creepy-ass hipster hairstyle. I’m no homo, but he looks better this way. And I enjoyed him in “Lawless”.

  7. I bet he’s listening to the Transformers soundtrack.

  8. iPhone 4…really Shia?

  9. Mr Smap Beav Sr

    my bologna has a first name…………

  10. neo

    Is that an iPhone, or a John Hamm?

  11. EricLr

    Off to my first day of work as a production assistant!

  12. HoneyBooBooby

    I think the makers of RID give you that hat to wear til your head heals up.

  13. Through ear buds: “Two plus two is four…two plus two is four…now you say it…”

  14. Swearin

    “Asshole” is missing some letters and scrambled up

  15. Jade

    Shia LeDouche in Los Angeles.

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