1. Mr. Poop


  2. Dashwood

    :”The seats in this BMW really flatten my ass.”

  3. “Excuse me, miss.. you have a flat.”

    “Oh, no! Which tire?”

    “I wasn’t talking about your car…”

  4. True what they say, black is slimming. In this case, it’s damn near an invisibility cloak,

  5. BigOkie

    Can we agree to just refer to her as the “Flat-assed girl with no face”?

  6. gnarla

    That’s a dude’s ass.

  7. XGL

    So we can all agree she stuffed her ass for the wedding?

    • Of course she did. The world was watching and she wanted to steal her sister’s thunder.

      • XGL

        Yeah, I was giving her the benefit of the doubt, but hey I guess for like a week she had attention. Her sister is a classic beauty, she’s a classic butter face….without the butt

  8. She better hope England never adopts the “flat tax”.

  9. Fish, how much do you pay for these Pippa pictures? Is it like a $10 mystery bag, and inside you find some drunk Tara Reid, some Pippa butt, and a couple of Lindsay blowing a club owner?

  10. Since I get all of my knowledge from this site, I’ve determined that Pippa Middleton has no front.

  11. EricLr

    Hey, I thought planking was out of fashion!

  12. HoneyBooBooby

    How do we know that’s not Chris Robinson?

  13. Okay, forgive me if I’m missing something here… but can someone explain to me, in all seriousness, why all the dudes of the world went apeshit for this girl for one week last year?

  14. Joaquin ingles

    Katie Holmes is looking at this thinking she’s got a chance to be in a rap video.

  15. Raoul

    This has to be some sort of British humor thing we’re just not getting.

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