1. Christ! Now you don’t just have to pay for the weekend and the jet, but you gotta set her up in business?

  2. Is this going to drive up her rates?

  3. Jesus. I never knew Auschwitz had a lingerie model training program.

  4. They let her off the boat?

  5. I’ve never seen two other whores so bummed to be in a photo with another whore.

  6. cc

    The one on the left fits my two main criteria ‘hot’ and ‘out of it’.

  7. I'mCool

    Dublin? Victoria, get your ass back to the U.S. and launch your lingerie collection onto the foot of my bed.

  8. meshuggah tits

    Dumb & Dumber III is already out?

  9. crb

    One of these is a dude.

    One of them played Abe Sapien in “Hellboy”.

  10. So if you buy some lingerie from her it comes with a free hooker? Is that how it works?

  11. The middle outfit is from her lingerie line too. It’s from the “Married” collection.

  12. Very Victoria? Looks like it should be Vapidly Vacant.

  13. martina

    oh my, three Barbies!

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