1. “May I show you some of my photographic nudes of menopausal Jewish women? Oh, yeah, and live long and prosper.”

  2. “I am, and forever shall be, in awe of Shatner’s denial.”

  3. I don’t care, I love him so.

  4. No, it’s not a Vulcan greeting, it’s a stroke you stupid motherAAHHHHH…

  5. EricLR

    Okay, he’s your Vulcan greeting: LIVE LONG AND GO FUCK YOURSELVES!

  6. Now wishes that he had received more of the “prosper” and less of the other thing.

  7. Live long and shocker.

  8. Live at least a few more years and prosper.

  9. George P Burdell

    He is trying to get into character for his Stephen Hawking biopic audition

  10. I'mCool

    “May the force be with you.” —Diamond Joe Quimby

    “Do you even know who I am?”

  11. Lange leben und Prosper. Nicht die Juden!

  12. “With my hands being like this I was the slowest swimmer on the team.”

  13. Ron Burgundy

    Did you ever see Leonard Nimoy and Christopher Reeves in the same room? Just sayin’.

  14. Odbarc

    He’s been forced to make that hand gesture his entire fucking life now I think he doesn’t even realize his hand is stuck that way now.

  15. He may be Prospering, but sure doesn’t look like he will live much longer.

  16. Yikes! I thought it was Munch, only scarier.

  17. The last thing victims of the Spockferatu ever see.

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