1. joe

    Denny Crane, motherfuckers. Denny Crane.

  2. Stacy

    No, I am not Kaley’s real father and no, I will not give you her phone number.

  3. “I’m telling you, pure raccoon fur. Even got it myself. Ask me how much I saved!”

  4. aj

    First a girdle and now a murse? Shatner? More like Shatthebed.

  5. Where the hell did Shatner get real hair? I thought he was a wigger.

    Well, my father told me that William Shatner was never going to die, and now I know it’s true: he’s aging in reverse.

  6. “It’s not a PURSE! I call it a ShatBag. On second thought after hearing that out loud, I’m cool with purse”

  7. I said WARP SPEED! Or I’ll fucking bash you with my purse!

  8. Cuddles

    “It’s not a purse, it’s a SATCHEL!”

  9. fred

    “Shatner will not be trifled with. Stop wasting Shatner’s time and retrieve the car. And make sure it is stalked with a 32 ounce big gulp, a 4×4 from In-N-Out, a fifth of Jack, two (I SAID TWO DAMN IT) copies of the Wall Street Journal, a mixed tape of N-Sync, a 24 inch flat screen (I know it’s an odd size-special order it), and a bottle of Axe body spray.

    Shatner gets what Shatner wants. Leave me.”

  10. Jer-RY! Jer-RY! Jer…oh, sorry Mister Shatner…

  11. gigi

    it’s not a purse!! it’s EUROPEAN!

  12. “One lesbian to beam up.”

  13. “90% of communication is body language and I speaking the language of oral love.”

  14. “Warp speed, Mr….heyyyy, you’re not Mr. Sulu.”

  15. LLBL

    “I’m a Rock-It Man”

  16. “CHURROS! That is all you will find in my bag my good man!…CHURROS!”

  17. “That TSA agent just went where no man has gone before !”

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