1. Satin does not a princess make. Especially when paired with a schlubby sweater.

  2. They made a movie about me? Cool.

  3. EricLR

    I was invited by the voices in my head.

  4. Josephus

    That’s totally a flask, right?

  5. I'mCool

    Are there saddlebags under there or is it the whole fucking horse?

  6. She looks like herself again. I wonder how long that’ll last.

  7. Caroline

    There is a reason that satin sounds so close to satan. It is the fabric of the devil and looks like shit on everyone.

  8. crb

    Pay no attention to the orca behind the satin.

    My eyes are up here.

  9. She looks like the front half of a centaur.

  10. mike K

    That is a big ass flask.

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