1. His shirt lists all the airports where he’s tapped his shoe under the bathroom stall.

  2. quix

    not gay in the least.

  3. He’s never going to turn tricks wearing that outfit.

  4. I wish I had no idea who you are.

  5. Joe learned one word of Hawaiian, and now simply says “Mahu?” to every woman he meets.

  6. fred

    The back of the shirt says:

    “Airports and Rest Stops Tour 2013″

  7. In his mind, he’s walking slow motion to embrace a young energized Judge Reinhold while the Cars’ “Moving in Stereo” plays in the background…
    Then Judge Reinhold walks in on him masturbating. And the circle of life is complete.

  8. EricLR


  9. Eejut

    Aren’t they the same cities that Travolta’s masseuses are from?

  10. Bonky

    That shirt is code for “I’m a bottom”.

    • TMI Buddy

      However, in french it means “ladies man”. That is if the lady wants a shopping buddy she can point to and giggle at the fat chicks with…..

  11. See, Joe? I told you if you butched your look up a little, people would think you’re strictly gay for pay.

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