1. I just love the relaxed spontaneity in this pic – an ordinary person drinking bottled water in a completely ordinary way, without pretense.

  2. Are they implying that their water soaks titties better than other brands of bottled water? If so, I’ll take a case.

  3. How cold is it?
    Oh…apparently THAT cold.

  4. EricLR

    Well, I’m feeling pretty hydrated.

  5. anonymous

    Don’t know what 138 Water is but from their advertising campaigns it looks like you can catch STDs from drinking it.

    Is there a river that runs through porn valley that they are bottling?

  6. Titties need to be hydrated too.

  7. She probably needs a drink after hiking up that hill.

  8. She’s worth a Google…

  9. tlmck

    Selena Gomez at 40.

  10. She has a drinking problem.

  11. martina

    She’s wearing too much clothing

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