1. With his HGH treatments starting to show results, Dinklage can now reach for and tear up parking tickets himself.

  2. Could be a parking ticket, could be a chinese restaurant menu…but we can be pretty sure it’s not a “father of the year” award.

  3. “Another one of them…notes…maybe a kind stranger will read it fer me…”

  4. His career is so deeply in the shitter he has to pick up cash sticking flyers on windshields? “Tell ‘em Miley’s Dad sent ya, get a free pine tree freshener with every wash ‘n wax!”

  5. Tiggles

    “Dang, another ‘Bad father = twerky daughter’ ticket! When is Miley gonna stop putting these on my car? Its achey-breaky annoying”

  6. EricLR

    Ticketed for being parked too long in 1993.

  7. Nudodeglobo

    Those moap extensions look so natural…

  8. He got a twerking ticket.

  9. (Dang….another ticket fer being tooo sexy)

  10. Cited for parenting while on a suspended license.

  11. “That is the worst wig I’ve ever seen!” – John Travolta

  12. “Hey, I’m just slipping my business card under here. He might need his lawn mowed. Ya never know.”

  13. “Dear Meter Maid: Please don’t give me a ticket. I don’t have any quarters. Besides, my daughter is Miley Cyrus and I could have her teach you some pretty cool moves…”

  14. I'mCool

    Stupid meter maid. There is not a person on earth MORE qualified to park in a handicapped space than Billy Ray.

  15. cc

    ‘Go fuck yourself’

  16. “Dammit! Another coupon for Planned Parenthood.”

  17. Vladimir

    The note sez, “We’re putting the band back together”, but I can’t tell if it’s from Alabama or The BeeGees.

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