1. “I know… these aren’t really black, but they’ll do in a pinch.”

  2. I didn’t think there was any thing left to say about this horrible twat, but really? work boots & skinny jeans? fer fucks sake.

  3. yourmom


  4. Choke on it.

    Either one, really.

  5. In a display of her powers, 5 minutes after this was taken, he looked like current-day Nic Cage.

  6. “See?? We put things in our mouths, too!”

  7. donkeylicks

    I’m trying to see the metaphor in this… and it’s gone.

  8. Pack it in folks. They’ve started cloning. Scott Disick 2.0 shows some promise, however still appears to enjoy life. Kris Jenner is hard at work attempting to crush his soul, but if her efforts fail they can always use this version to clean the pool house.

  9. George P Burdell

    He will wear Bruce’s decathlon gold medal while that have sex is a bathtub full of Zestra in hopes of conceiving a “Khloe” Jenner to takeover the franchise with North when Kendall and Kylie have been used up by 2030.

  10. You know what kind of foods are shaped like dicks? All the best kinds!

  11. crb

    Now if they could just get that target behind Kris’ head, it would give my team of snipers a much clearer point of reference.

    -Damn you, Westfield Shopping Centers!

  12. Well we do know that Jonathan is very comfortable with penis shaped objects in his mouth.

  13. Kris just kegeled the tip of his corndog off as a warning.

  14. martina

    Is she pimping him out too?
    What’s the deal here?

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