1. Hank E. Ring

    I can’t control my hands, they’re going to grab them!

  2. I call this movie “Frankenstein’s Jazz Hands!”

  3. “Tune in, Tokyo!”

  4. EricLR

    …So I’m all like “No way, get all those buff guys away from me!” But seriously, are there any buff guys around here?

  5. Josephus

    The Prince, caught as he’s ready to spring into action.

  6. Calm down, Harry. They’re not big enough.

  7. “And she had some jolly good jumblies…. yeahhhhhh…”

  8. “Oh, Your Highness, I can’t let you squeeze them right here in front of everyone…can I?

  9. For Harry, the speed dating is proving a success. Feel her tits and seal the deal.

  10. “Thank you for coming your highness.”
    “Keep your voice down! I don’t want anyone else to know we had sex in the coat room!”

  11. Madame Tussaud’s latest exhibit, now with Action Kung Fu Titty Grip.

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