1. yoop

    I see dead people

  2. EricLR

    Text all you like, it won’t BRING BACK MY KIDS!!!

  3. “Aye, ’twas in the Yank airport that ay had a flashback o’ me ‘n that movie wi’ Jennifer Aniston…and me balls shriveled…”

  4. Tonight we dine in coach!

  5. fred

    I can’t leave yet. I see 19 women I have not had sex with yet.

  6. Shit. I think I see a Glanville.

  7. “You ladies wait here. I’ll go out and stop that 757 from getting any further down the runway.”

  8. “Meet me in the men’s room, ladies.”

  9. crb

    It’s okay bro, don’t be scared. I see the ghost in the window, too.

    Yeah, I know it looks way too much like Tom Cruise in “Collateral”.

  10. “There’s somebody on the wing of the plane!”
    “Yeah, the maintenance guy . He is preparing the plane for take off…Tell him Cheryl.”
    “Sorry, I was taking pictures of his butt and sharing it with all my twitter followers.”

  11. Father Dougal

    Since when was JJ Abrams a paparazzo?

  12. ‘…I’ve taken so much gak I don’t need no fuckin’ plane!’

  13. He’s about to go force a city worker to tell him there’s wrong with the road, isn’t he? Isn’t he?!

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