1. It was supposed to be a “sock” puppet Mario.

  2. I always wondered what the phrase “screwed the pooch” would look like in real life. Just sad Elmo had to suffer for it.

  3. Elmo’s looking for a place to conveniently spit that out.

  4. Is that Mario’s gimp at the bottom of the pic? He has like a head device with a bell on. Weird. Maybe Mario likes to hear a jingle jangle when the gimp is on his dangle.

  5. Johnny P!

    Dickle-Me Elmo.

  6. cc

    Diddle-Me Elmo

  7. wanker

    Both subjects pictured have had a man’s hand up their ass.

  8. Turd Ferguson

    Ssssh – dont tell Einstein the guy on the ground is controlling the puppet and that it’s not real.

  9. really has Mario’s confidence coming out…and big surprise, it’s FLUFFY!!!

  10. EricLR

    Yes Elmo is boy. And no, Elmo not do that!

  11. Idiot Abroad

    The look on Elmo’s face says it all. “That’s not a hand up my ass is it?”

  12. “So how do you guys like my Muppet FleshLight?”

  13. One of these stars has been on television for a long long time, has a high squeaky voice, is way too happy for his own good, and regularly spends time with a man’s arm up inside him to the elbow.
    And the other one is named Elmo

  14. I can just hear Elmo now…

    “Not in my fur! That shit is a bitch to get out…”

  15. mean_gurl

    “Elmo don’t like…Stop touching me.”

  16. When Elmo finds out that Mario cheated on Zoe on their honeymoon, Elmo may have to smack a bitch.

  17. Lord Invader

    “Look at that. I KNEW Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s got nothing on us. Right, bro? RIGHT, BRO??”

  18. JungleRed

    Is there a dude left in Hollywood this Ho hasn’t blown? I mean Elmo.

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