1. I did not know Los Feliz had a gayng problem.

  2. Deacon Jones

    I think any “man” that wears these jeans deserves to be punched in the head.

  3. Using the Grindr app I see.

  4. “Dude, I’m your brother. Stop texting me your junk.”

  5. cc

    Nothing draws woman to a guy like hot pink shoelaces…except perhaps hot pink nail polish.

  6. “Don’t look, but check the pecs on the left.”


  7. wanker

    The three bears of suppressed homosexuality.

  8. Turd Ferguson

    “What do you wanna do later after the gym? LOL”

    “All over body wax and organic cucumber peel?”

    “Cool. GTG. Talk to you more about it in the car.”

  9. “I’m so sick of this ghetto iPhone 4″

    “yeah, me too…can’t wait to get my iPhone 5, it’s gonna be suh-WEET”

    “guys, if I stand in line at the apple store, will you let me walk with you?”

    (simultaneous) “NO. Go play with your gay little android!”

  10. Skinny jeans are called skinny for a reason, and that reason is they only look halfway decent on skinny, skinny people.

  11. that middle one isn’t even pretending any more!

  12. Josie

    they are so lame…

  13. Idiot Abroad

    Wonder how much they’re paying that horse faced chick to pretend their marriage is legit and Kevin’s not a huge homo?

  14. Bigalkie

    Gross.. The gay one is hanging back checking out his brothers asses.

  15. It’s like he’s trying to photobomb a picture he’s already part of

  16. “Hanson, we see your homoeroticism, and raise it one butt pirate.’

  17. Sean Flynn

    “Dudes! Those pants make your glutes pop!”

  18. Rosie the Riveting

    I don’t think the guy in the back has mastered how to use the SkarsgĂ„rd method yet.

  19. UJ

    The third Iphone is sticking out of one of their asses.

  20. When I said you should “get into her pants” I didn’t mean for you to wear them…

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